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12 Things To Do On A Road Trip

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Do you often find yourself bored out of your mind while on a family road trip? Well then look no further, you came to the right place! At, we strive to make every road trip you take the best road trip possible. So without further ado, here is our list of the best things to do on a road trip! Do you have any things to do on a road trip that you’d like to share with us? Leave us a comment below or send us an email! We’re always looking for new things to do on a road trip!


Best Things To Do On A Road Trip

1) Yelp is Your Friend – Take a look at your road trip route, are you passing through any cities? Browse through your Yelp app and make sure to check out the best restaurants along your path. Many people only experience what you are doing once in a lifetime, so why waste your time eating at Olive Garden or McDonalds? Download Yelp for free here.

2) Make Memories – Going on a beach tour up the coast of California? Take a scoop of sand from each beach and put it into a mason jar! Better yet, label each fill line on a mason jar with the corresponding beach name and fill said sand to the line. Then you’ll know exactly where each grain came from! This works well with soil/dirt as well!

3) Make New Friends – Meeting some of the locals is fun for both you and them. Maybe they’ll even tell you about the best attractions in town.

4) Take Pictures – But please….no selfies.

5) Bring Enough Money For Tolls – One of the most important things to do on a road trip, paying tolls is neither fun nor quick. Getting penalized for evading tolls is much worse though.

6) Ditch The Cellphone – You may not realize it but talking on the phone while in the car with others is disruptive and annoying to everyone else. If you have to use your phone, text, or wait till a rest area. We actually recommend using your cellphone only to check in with family members or close friends – just in case something goes wrong.

7) Pack Light – The more you bring with you on a road trip, the less things you can bring back!

8) Get prepared! – Remove all of the clutter out of the trunk, bring your car into your mechanic, and pack like you are playing Tetris. Nothing can kill your mood faster than digging through buried luggage for your wallet at a rest stop, or worse, a finding cellular service in order to make a call for a tow truck!

9) Make a Sweet Music Playlist – Unless you actually like listening to radio static music. Here is our list of the best road trip songs!

10) Play Some Road Trip Games For Adults – Check out our extensive list of road trip games for adults! Trust us, you won’t regret checking these games out.

11) Connect With Your Children – If you are on a road trip with your kids, perhaps our road trip games for adults would not be very appropriate. That being said, here are some road trip games for kids that your family will surely enjoy.

12) Get Nostalgic – Here are the original, technology free, road trip games. The CLASSIC road trip games that everyone takes for granted.



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