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14 Road Trip Games For Kids

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1) Criminal Sketch Artist
Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Appoint a witness to describe the characteristics of the “criminal”. Example characteristics: Big nose, spiked hair, pink high heels, etc.–be creative! Have the remaining players attempt to draw the “criminal” based on the description. See what they come up with for their sketches and compare the results! A variation of this game would be to describe a known character such as Cinderella or Sully from Monster’s Inc.

2) Buried Treasure
Fill a 2-liter bottle or a similar plastic container about ¾ with birdseed, sand, rice, or even cereal. Next, place small household objects like marbles, paperclips, toy figurines, etc. inside of the bottle. Be sure to keep track of how many objects you put in! Then, most importantly, seal the bottle tightly that way you don’t get rice or seed all over your car. Now your kids can shake the container and try to find all of the treasures you “buried” in the bottle. If you’ve got a long trip ahead of you, have them guess what the objects are. Once they’ve found everything on the list, reward them with a prize, like choosing the music for the next hour or letting them decide the next road trip games for kids to play.

3) Magnetic Board Games
Numerous board games come in magnetic versions designed specifically for those who want to play while traveling. The boards are usually in a metal case, and the pieces contain magnets that stick to the board. This way your children can play their favorite games and you don’t have to worry about losing the pieces. Below are our favorite magnetic road trip games for kids:

4) I’m Going to the Moon
This alphabet-based memory road trip game is great for kids of all ages! Plus you don’t need a game board or any materials. The game can be played with as few as two players, but is best when the entire car participates. To start, the first player says “I’m going to the Moon and I’m bringing…” followed by something that begins with the letter “A”, for example “Alligators”. The second player then repeats what the first person said, but then adds something that begins with “B”. So he/she might say, “I’m going to the moon and I’m bringing “A” “Alligators” and “B” “Basketballs”. And so on with C, D, E, and the rest of the alphabet. If someone forgets an item, he/she is out. Feel free to give hints to younger players. The last player to be able to recite all the items on the list wins.

5) Akinator
If you’ve never heard of the Akinator app, you are in for a real treat! Akinator is a genie that can guess nearly any real person or character you are thinking of in 20 questions or less. Kids can try their favorite characters from movies, TV series’, and books. However, the genie will also guess characters from more mature shows, movies, etc, so this app will keep parents entertained as well. You can try out the Akinator on the internet here before purchasing it in iTunes here. It’s creepy how smart this thing is. Akinator is nearly impossible to stump!

6) Rest Area Olympic Games
While stopped for bathroom or rest breaks, get your kids to exert some energy. Bring some sports gear in your car for the road trip. Footballs, frisbees, and tennis balls don’t take up a lot of space, and they can get the entire family active. If your car is packed to capacity and you cant fit any sports equipment, make up your own game. For example, have your kids race from picnic table to picnic table, or play a game of “Tag You’re It” with them. Getting everyone to exercise will help make your driver more alert, and it will help calm down your kids (Maybe it’ll calm them down so much that they’ll sleep for an hour or so). That will certainly give you some peace and quiet!

7) Road Trip Bingo
Similar to regular bingo, Road Trip Bingo is played by giving a bingo card out to each participant, but unlike normal bingo, each space in the grid contains a specific landmark object (ex. a stop sign, a McDonald’s logo, etc.) rather than a number. If you are looking for a more personalized card, blank bingo grids can also be found online. Note: Be sure to make each card unique ensuring that there are no multi-winners.

8) Window Art
If you are willing to let your kids deface the inside of your car (temporarily of course!) Crayola offers a washable window marker that will occupy the attention of your young artists. The markers can be found cheaply here.


More Road Trip Games For Kids

9) Buzz Word
At the start of the road trip, the passengers decide on a word deemed “off limits”. Each passenger starts out with an equal amount of play “money” (mini candy bars or chocolate gold coins work well!). Throughout the duration of the road trip, passengers call out other passengers for using the “off limit” word. The road tripper who says the “off limit” word must pay the person who notices one of their candies. We suggest using common words such as “car”, “bathroom”, “song”, or “mom” so that the “off limits” word is said more frequently, thus  keeping this road trip games for kids more interesting!

10) Who Are They?
Peek into other cars to see who’s in them. Try to tell their story. Who are they? Where are they coming from? Where are they going? Why are they driving so quickly?! Maybe they are astronauts just on their way to the station where they will depart to the moon for the first time… or maybe they are on a road trip playing road trip games for kids just like you! Your kids will have a blast inventing these stories and you will probably enjoy hearing the crazy stories they come up with.

11) Show No Teeth
The infamous road trip game for kids, “Show no teeth” can double as a way to quite down your kids for a little bit of time if they are getting to loud. It starts with a chant: “Chinese torture has begun. No more laughing. No more fun. If you show your teeth or tongue, you are OUT!” Once the chant has been said, everyone in the car must keep his or her mouth completely shut. Anyone who shows his or her teeth or tongue is out. Unfortunately, the silence usually doesn’t last very long because the game usually causes the giggles.

12) Tic-Tac-Toe
Get 3 X/O’s in a row and you win! First to 10 wins. Click here for a “take anywhere” version.

13) Rock Paper Scissors
If you are really bored, play some rock paper scissors. In this road trip games for kids, two players square off head-to-head. You have three options: rock, paper, or scissors. Rock crushes scissors but gets covered by paper. Scissor cuts paper but gets crushed by rock. Paper covers rock but gets cut by scissors. Play to 10.

14) Audio Books
Pick an audio book for everyone to listen to through your car speakers! Click here for some good book recommendations.



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