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20 Absurd Road Trip Games For Adults

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The car is packed. You’ve prepared a cozy paradise for your drive complete with blankets, a neck pillow, the perfect playlist, and the ultimate snack pack that you can’t wait to get into. You begin your drive with a full tank of gas and a thrill for the road ahead with your final destination in mind. 20 minutes later your itching of boredom. We get it, so we compiled an essential list of top road trip games for adults that will help you forget you’re in a car for 10 hours.

Some of these games are smart, but most are just loony, slightly inappropriate, and even sexy. Road trips aren’t all fun and games, but with this list they might as well be. Take a look at our absurd list of road trip games for adults!

Road Trip Games For Adults


1. Polar Bear

Our first of many road trip games for adults is sure to create excitement and laughter on your drive. Polar Bear is best played when it is cold outside. First, all passengers must strip down to their underwear—drivers be careful! Once everyone is undressed, roll all the windows down, open the sunroof, and blast the air conditioning. The last person to remain undressed wins the game. Use Caution! If weather conditions are extreme and players are too competitive, someone may get hurt playing. We have never had the chance to play this game in a convertible, but we imagine it would be the ultimate polar bear experience!

2. Strip Padiddle

A classic car game that you have probably heard of is Strip Padiddle. A padiddle is a vehicle with a burnt out head light or taillight. When a padiddle is spotted, all passengers must hit the ceiling of the car. The last person to hit the ceiling must take off one article of clothing. FYI, each sock/shoe is considered a separate piece of clothing. Note: you can always remove the stripping portion of the game and it will be almost as fun ;)!

3. Cards Against Humanity – YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS GAME!

One of our favorite games of any kind, Cards Against Humanity, is the disturbing cousin of Apples to Apples. This game is for those with a twisted sense of humor, and it will have you rolling around in your car seat. We can’t recommend a better game to get you laughing because of the outrageous and inappropriate card combinations you’ll come up with. Cards Against Humanity is played with 550 playing cards (which is way more than enough to begin with), but if you’d like even more cards, check out the expansion packs recently released (Each have 112 new cards):

4. The Worst Case Scenario Card Game

Do you know how to catch a fish without a rod or how to cross a piranha-infested river? How about the best way to survive a fall onto subway tracks? Originally a board game, The Worst Case Scenario Card Game has released an awesome travel edition. The point of this fun road trip game is to test your knowledge of survival techniques in varied (basic and obscure) scenarios. The game is filled with interesting, funny, and practical information. It is sure to add to the adventure of your trip and possibly save your life one day!

5. Would You Rather

Would you rather is a classic car ride game that asks one simple question, “Would your rather ____ or ____ ?” Often times the question is extremely difficult to answer because both options seem equally dreadful or equally awesome. The game can be played using your imagination to come up with scenarios, but if you’re looking for some inspiration there are many versions of “would you rather” books and games. These books are filled with hundreds of tough questions. If you’re looking for a naughty version of the game, the Would you Rather Sex Edition and the Would you Rather Dirty Version are fantastic road trip games for adults only! One question is reads, “Would you rather have an orgasm once every ten seconds, or once every ten years?” Below are links to multiple versions.

6. What’s Yours Like? – The Game That Tells It Like It Is

Everyone but the person in the hot seat knows what the word is. Example: “Swimsuit” Now everyone describes “what theirs is like”. “You can barely see mine”, “I like to get mine wet”, or “I like mine tight”. The player in the hot seat then has to guess what the word is. This game is sure to make someone uncomfortable! Check it out.

7. Adult HedBanz Game

With a card strapped to your forehead, everyone knows “Who You Are” except you! See for yourself.

8. Never Have I Ever

In Never Have I Ever, players take turns saying “never have I ever…” statements. A few examples: “never have I ever skinny dipped”, “never have I ever pulled an all-nighter”, “never have I ever kissed a girl”. The statements must be true. Each player starts with five fingers up. Once a statement is said, everyone who has done those things must put a finger down. Who ever puts all their fingers down first loses. Although the game can be played innocently, it often turns scandalous!

9. Dirty Minds – The Game Of Naughty Clues

In this road trip game, the dirtier your mind, the worse you will do. All answers are clean…but they sure don’t sound like it! Check it out.

10. Adult on Board: Travel Games for Adults

A variety of “fun and mentally invigorating” travel games. Test your knowledge now! Click here to purchase this game.

11. The Swear Jar

At the start of the road trip, the passengers decide on a word deemed “off limits”. Throughout the duration of the drive, passengers call out other passengers for using the “off limit” word. Tally each violation of the game’s “off limit” word. The passenger who says the “off limit” word the most by the end of the road trip must buy everyone else a round of drinks or whatever they have agreed on. Punishing the game’s loser will make the game more interesting! Make sure to use a common word so that passengers will have trouble. We suggest using words such as: car, bathroom, song, or any overly used swear word.

12. Chinese Fire Drill

This is a classic! When you are stopped at a red light, the driver announces a “Chinese fire drill” and all passengers must exit the car and run a lap, choosing a new seat to return to (including the driver). In addition to an exciting game, Chinese fire drill is a quick way to switch drivers when you are in a hurry or don’t feel like stopping at a rest stop. Make sure to look out for cops and oncoming traffic, and remember to put your seatbelt back on!

13. Interrogation Room

Each person in the car takes turn being “interrogated” (questioned) by the other passengers in the car. First, one passenger is deemed “the victim”. Next, the other passengers of the car come up with 5 questions to ask the victim. But here’s the catch, the victim can reject/veto ONE of the 5 questions. You cannot ask the same person the same question twice, and everyone must be the “victim” at least once.

14. Audio Books

Sometimes the best car ride games for adults aren’t games at all.. Listening to an audio book on your road trip is a good way to entertain everyone on a long drive. Pick an audio book for everyone to listen to through your car speakers! Click here for some good book recommendations on amazon.

15. Rubik’s Cube

Put your brain to the test, learn to solve the Rubik’s Cube. Play with this device until you get each side to contain the same color. Once you get the 3 x 3 Rubik’s Cube down, try the 4 x 4 Rubik’s Cube….Or the 5 x 5! P.S. Don’t Rubik’s and drive!

16. 15 Puzzle

Rearrange the tiles so that they are in order. Click here for cheap 15 puzzles.

17. Triangle Peg Game

The original brain teaser. try and jump your way down to only a single peg remaining! Here are some nice boards.

18. Classic Road Trip Games

As crazy as it may seem, some times the best road trip games may be a game you used to play when you were a kid. Click here to view our classic road trip games.

19. Photo Competition

This game requires everyone to bring a camera (whether it be an HD or a disposable). Then each contestant must agree on a set time or distance limit. Each person with a camera must take only 1 picture before the time/distance has passed. Compare the photo compilation after the trip. Whoever has the better album gets a free lunch.

20. Taboo On-The-Go

Taboo Buzz’d Game is not recommended for drivers to play, but it can provide hours of entertainment for everyone playing or not. It works like this. The purpose of the game is to get your teammates to guess the word you are describing. The catch is you are not allowed to use any of the forbidden, “buzz” words. If you do, the opposing team will hit the buzzer and your turn will be over. Try it and you’ll see why it made our crazy list of road trip games for adults!


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