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The Favorites: 6 Road Trip Games Everyone Can Enjoy

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1. Apples to Apples: On the Go!

Apples to Apples is an award winning game for groups of people (4 or more). The travel version has all new content, and made a little easier to bring your fun on the road. In Apples to Apples, players hold multiple cards each containing a single noun. An adjective card is flipped over from the deck and players must match a noun card to the adjective card. The comparisons will never fail to make you laugh! The Apples to Apples On the Go game can be found here.

2. Scattergories: To Go!

The travel edition of Scattergories is perfect for entertaining passengers. If you haven’t played Scattergories before, the point of the game is to come up with items from a given set of categories that start with a specified letter. In each round, players are given a list of 12 categories and must find one item that starts with the chosen letter (determined by a roll of a letter dice) in a given amount of time. You only get a point for your answer if no one else chose the same answer for that category, so the more creative you are, the more points you’ll score. There are many different category lists and letters, so the game is always changing.

3. Nintendo 3DS

This hand-held video game breaks the boundaries in mobile gaming devices. If you are trying to have some quiet time during your road trip, or if you are trying to win “Parent of the Year”, check out this awesome device.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way to eat away at your long drive. Have all passengers work together to find everything on the list. There are free printable game sheets you can bring with you that list car models or license plates from each state or province. Spot the Car scavenger hunt can be found here. Spot the Plate scavenger hunt can be found here.

5. Scrabble (Tile Lock)

Same ol’ game without having to worry about losing pieces. Scrabble has been converted into a road trip game. For more info on this magnetic version of scrabble, click here.

6. Audio Books

Pick an audio book for the entire car to listen. Here is a list of good book recommendations available on Amazon.

Have a fun road trip game that you’d like to share? Post it in the comments section below. It just may get added to our list (with credit to you of course!).



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